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Resurgence of Casinos in Singapore

casino singapore

Among the world, one of the world’s best successful countries is Singapore. However, due to the current strict regulations over practices like gambling, the growth of casinos in the state had diminished. To put the casinos of Singapore among the world’s most extravagant leisure and exotic experience, the government of Singapore has made some recent changes in the laws. Plans have been made to create the most luxurious and pricey casino in the world here. Because of such great plans, the popularity of Singapore as an attraction for tourists has increased. More tourists are getting attracted to this part of Southeast Asia, bringing more profits to the country.

Until the year 2004, gambling practices were forbidden because of the tight regulations enforced by the Singapore government. These regulations were meant to end the existence of casinos in Singapore. But, recently, it has been strongly realized that one of the priceless tourist attraction to Singapore was its casinos. This tourist immigration to Singapore’s casino was not only adding to the revenue of the country but also created wonderful jobs opportunities for the local people. Measuring these benefits, the rules and regulations have been relented, resulting into the evolution of country’s first casino. Several companies from the world participated actively in the bidding process for the casino. Following the trend, Las Vegas Sands Company was ultimately, preferred to fabricate and maneuver the first two deliberate super casinos in Singapore.

The future plan of these first two Singapore casino is overwhelming. These casinos will not only be the best place to gamble but, will also provide full amusement to the tourists. Its adventures include shopping facilities, leisure activities, caucus facilities, grand parks, museums and theaters. Building this huge infrastructure will cost more than $3 billion but it will create handsome job opportunities for over 30,000 persons. Over 50 acres of land has been reclaimed for development at the city’s harbor.

Singapore government is enthusiastic regarding the promotion plans for Singapore casinos. These casinos will serve as a magnet to attract more and more tourists to visit the country. Further to this, the fact is that beside Singapore, many Asian countries are also exploring possibilities of such gaming activities like casinos in order to meet the demands of their natives and to draw more visitors to their country.

People of different origins and different nations are fond of gambling especially the Chinese. The same level of affection can be seen in Singaporean of Chinese plunge, who make up over three quarters of the native populace.

Second casino of the country is taking shape in Sentosa, a tourist island in Singapore. This project is expected to attract as many as more than two million visitors every year; who will not only enjoy the casino but will also relish the beautiful beaches, golf and other leisure activities. Being a gigantic incorporated remedy aimed to attract tourists from all over the world, it is expected that this lavish Sentosa casino will become the pride and joy of Singapore. This approach is also targeted to further solidify the existing Singapore casino to capture Asian tourist market.