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Is Online Wagering in the US Too Prevalent to be illegal?

America the country known as the land of opportunities has flourished in everything be it literature, music, cinema or in sports. From Silicon Valley in southern San Francisco to Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, U.S is magically diverse and so is the nature of the law making machinery there.

Gambling in U.S.

The laws of gambling in U.S are quite complex as there is no unanimous body currently controlling the industry. US Federal Laws allow gambling; however each state is free to decide about its restriction within their domain. There are states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware where online gambling is legal. These few states are known as the epicenter of Online Casino in USA, besides these there are a few states where gambling falls under a shade of gray.

You ask anyone about online games in Silicon Valley and they are likely to know of FIFA and Candy Crush, whereas in states like Nevada you will get Poker and Blackjack in response; some folks there might also give you brief descriptions on casinos jargon like No Deposit Bonus, Payout rate etc. The gambling pioneer state expects the regularization of online gambling by the end of this decade.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

US law “Prohibits any person engaged in any kind of wagering or betting activity from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in unlawful Internet gambling.” This law states that it is not lawful for casino sites to accept payments or deposits from U.S. players and also bars financial institutions like banks to perform these transactions. This law creates an atmosphere which makes gambling illegal, but in reality it not this way.

Many American players can play their favorite games online without violating any law as the law also sites that “Players can always choose the sites which are legal in the place from where they are physically operated”. So players in New Jersey and Delaware can legally play at legal online casinos.

UGIEA – more cons than pros

Gambling is not kid’s play and it requires some serious skills to win. The city of Las Vegas is a living example of how gambling has fuelled prosperity in a state, which otherwise did not have much going for it economically. Then why does UGIEA act like a fundamentalist? Many gaming brands have left America and most of the World’s top casinos restrict U.S. players. Related jobs have suffered too. For this the UGIEA receives a lot of criticism.

What We Suggest If You Live in the Lucky States

If you are a gambling enthusiast and you are a resident of a state in U.S. which allows gambling, then you can play at sites which are legal in the place where they are physically present. We suggest you read some casino reviews and choose a site that offers No Deposit Bonus. This will help you safely try out games before you commit.

If you are live in a state other than the lucky 3, we suggest that you enjoy your trips to Vegas and Atlantic City and other areas where land based gaming is an option. It the meantime, we hope that online casinos in U.S. becomes legal.