Can an Online Casino Give More Entertainment than a Land Based One?

We have been in the online gambling industry for a while and have witnessed its evolution.  There was a time when gambling was considered as the entitlement for the rich ones and commoners were too inhibited about casinos or gambling. Over the last 15 years or so, things have changed dramatically, all thanks to the internet. Read on and see why an Online Casino promises more entertainment than a land based one.

An excellent source of revenue

Land based casinos have given people jobs to help them earn their bread in a very respectful way, but many casino employees have suffered due to fluctuating profit levels. On the other side, online casinos have an extremely low cost of running which allows operators to offer multiple bonuses and promotions. Be it USA online casinos  or the ones in the United Kingdom, most of them are doing tremendously well in their business and are able to pull in millions of players from all over the World.casinogeneral

Less distraction

Land based casinos offer players a larger than life experience. A luxurious gambling hall, well-dressed croupiers, fancy restaurants, glitzy shows and resort style ambience are available to players. Though these frills were put in place to make players feel that they were indulging in activities which were otherwise out of bounds, these have become distractions and serious players feel the glamour factor impedes their decision making. The online versions offer a lot more solitude to the gamblers and as a result, their winning rate is  growing enormously. Multiple UK online casinos and USA online casinos have now become players’ favorite gambling destination.

Lower house edge

Online casinos are present in a virtual environment and hence are free from all sorts of overhead costs like enormous electricity bills and monthly rental liabilities. These savings are not directly transferred into casino profits but are also given back to players in the form of welcome bonuses, promotions and a higher payout ratio.


We are not bound to certain games while playing at online casinos. We can jump from the poker table to a craps table within few seconds. Moreover, in major online gambling organizations  players can switch to sports betting too, with the same username.

Better safety and fewer complications

There are plenty of banking options for players to withdraw their winning from an online casino. Whereas a land based casino primarily accepts payments via a limited number of options usually cash and credit or debit cards. With everything moving to e-commerce, players want the same services extended to them anywhere they go.


With all these features and fantastic bonuses available for players, our vote goes to online gambling stations. The ease and convenience for players to get their hands on any game at any time is a lethal combination to have for a pure entertainment ride and land based casinos have a tall order to beat already. All the information and research summary brings by CasinoBonusTips , world largest casino review website.


Is Online Wagering in the US Too Prevalent to be illegal?

America the country known as the land of opportunities has flourished in everything be it literature, music, cinema or in sports. From Silicon Valley in southern San Francisco to Las Vegas in the state of Nevada, U.S is magically diverse and so is the nature of the law making machinery there.

Gambling in U.S.

The laws of gambling in U.S are quite complex as there is no unanimous body currently controlling the industry. US Federal Laws allow gambling; however each state is free to decide about its restriction within their domain. There are states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware where online gambling is legal. These few states are known as the epicenter of Online Casino in USA, besides these there are a few states where gambling falls under a shade of gray.

You ask anyone about online games in Silicon Valley and they are likely to know of FIFA and Candy Crush, whereas in states like Nevada you will get Poker and Blackjack in response; some folks there might also give you brief descriptions on casinos jargon like No Deposit Bonus, Payout rate etc. The gambling pioneer state expects the regularization of online gambling by the end of this decade.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

US law “Prohibits any person engaged in any kind of wagering or betting activity from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in unlawful Internet gambling.” This law states that it is not lawful for casino sites to accept payments or deposits from U.S. players and also bars financial institutions like banks to perform these transactions. This law creates an atmosphere which makes gambling illegal, but in reality it not this way.

Many American players can play their favorite games online without violating any law as the law also sites that “Players can always choose the sites which are legal in the place from where they are physically operated”. So players in New Jersey and Delaware can legally play at legal online casinos.

UGIEA – more cons than pros

Gambling is not kid’s play and it requires some serious skills to win. The city of Las Vegas is a living example of how gambling has fuelled prosperity in a state, which otherwise did not have much going for it economically. Then why does UGIEA act like a fundamentalist? Many gaming brands have left America and most of the World’s top casinos restrict U.S. players. Related jobs have suffered too. For this the UGIEA receives a lot of criticism.

What We Suggest If You Live in the Lucky States

If you are a gambling enthusiast and you are a resident of a state in U.S. which allows gambling, then you can play at sites which are legal in the place where they are physically present. We suggest you read some casino reviews and choose a site that offers No Deposit Bonus. This will help you safely try out games before you commit.

If you are live in a state other than the lucky 3, we suggest that you enjoy your trips to Vegas and Atlantic City and other areas where land based gaming is an option. It the meantime, we hope that online casinos in U.S. becomes legal.

Visit an Online Casino Forum before You Play

Online gaming is one of the most popular and exciting things for players to do on the web today. Every casino that is available online today whether fantastic or not, is only a click of the mouse away. It is very significant that players pick and choose only the best online casinos that are available to them. With the great variety of casinos that is offered in the online gaming community, it can be very difficult to choose which ones are good to play at and which ones are not all that great. Players who visit an online casino forum before they play, can avoid the hassle of choosing the wrong casino to play at and can receive the best bonuses they have to offer.

Online casino forums offer an abundance of information to prospective online gaming players about the different types of casinos that are available online. Here people will most generally share their real life experiences that they have had with certain casinos, whether or not the experience they had was good or bad, and whether or not they received their winnings. You can figuratively get information on anything that has to do with any online casinos on the web at just about any online casino forum.

Always use the online casino forum as your guide. When you utilize the forum it gives you more of an in-depth look as to what you can expect. You can also compare your findings and information with others to see if a particular gaming site is worth playing or not. Always keep in mind that the good or reputable casinos will always appear on the top of any forum’s list.

Compensations that will benefit individual players when visiting an online casino forum before you play depends on what specific information you’re looking for whether it be which type of software the casino uses, payment options, customer support,

Criticism from players all over the globe will be posted on the sites. It will not just be our own opinion. They will be from actual play experience. It will not matter whether the player gives good or bad criticism, it will all be listed on the forum. With there being so many online casino sites today it independent reviews and testimonials play two important roles when it comes to gaining respect from players.

Another great reason to visit an online casino forum before you play is to familiarize yourself with other player experiences and if the casino can be trusted. This can be done by browsing the forum and heeding to any warnings that might be listed for any particular casino. This information will have players saving not only their time but also saving them from depositing money into an account that might have extended transaction times for withdrawals, or not even being able to process withdrawals.

Often times, online casino forums will also be able to give players better No deposit bonus Codes. This can be in the form of welcome bonus offers, regular bonuses, as well as different promotions. Sometimes they are also able to offer exclusive free chip bonuses to players if they happen to access the casinos website through the forum itself.

Thamma Vongsa is an active blogger, an online casino gaming enthusiast and an avid forum moderator at various casino forums. He is 27 years old and currently lives in United Kingdom. He is proficient in SEO, SMM and works at Casino Bonus Tips.

New Online Casinos With No Deposit Bonus Codes

Casino Reviews

Are You Looking for New Online Casinos with Match and No Deposit Bonus Codes? Casino Reviews Sites help players wade through piles of casino news, bonus tips and exclusive casino bonus offers to select the best bonuses and offers. Know various types of welcome and no deposit casino bonus codes and learn how to claim the bonus of your choice.

There are many new online casinos that offer a No Deposit Casino Bonus to their new players to let them try the casino before making a real money deposit. Of course, every casino is different in how they let players claim a offers such as this. What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus? This type of bonus is one that a casino gives to new players that sign up with a new account to the said casino. Sometimes the bonus is credited to the players account as soon as the registration process is complete. Other times there is a code that will need to be givin to live chat and they will apply the bonus to your account. You will then normally log out of the casino then log back in and your free casino money will appear in the cashier.

Other ways to get the bonus is to email customer support and the bonus will be claimed that way.

No Deposit Bonus Codes will only work at a casino if you have never made a deposit with them. Lets say you found a No Deposit Casino and you make a deposit then you see online somewhere that the casino you had made a deposit at has a No Deposit Bonus and you try that code in the cashier to try to claim the offer. I hate to say it but you’ll be out of luck. Why? Because you just made a deposit and that deposit just canceled out any other bonus that you may claim at that casino. No Deposit Bonus Codes are a one shot deal that can only be claimed one time.

Free Spins are another way that a casino will let players try their casino with a No Deposit Bonus attached. The spins are added to a players account just by registering at the casino who is offering the bonus. Casinos will offer this type of offer for both new and existing players as big promotional bonuses. Free Spins are normally on a pre selected slot that the casino chooses. When you are done signing up at the casino who is offering this bonus you will open up the slot and your spins will be there just waiting on you to click on and get rolling.

Getting a No Deposit Casino Bonus is really pretty simple. Find the casino through our site, sign up through our link, ( that is a requirement ) and claim the codes that are used as an exclusive No Deposit Bonus to our site. See how easy that is? When you do claim the codes/ bonuses make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions that come attached to the offer because there are terms that apply and will have to be adhered to or otherwise a cashout on the offer will not be permitted.

Why Read Reviews of Online Casinos?

Online Casino

With hundreds of online casinos touting themselves and reaching out to you with deals, aggressive advertising campaigns and hanging the proverbial carrot, you may not know which one to try your luck at.

Just as you would make a choice of a holiday destination, buy a new television set or find the next movie to watch, you could first read a few online reviews before you get started. Reviews are important because they will give you another person’s perspective. Online casinos are like other sites or service providers. You can get an insight into the potential ups and downs of playing at a particular casino, without risking your time or money!

Players find online casino reviews helpful for many reasons. They are usually unbiased and based on someone’s personal experience at the casino. Good review sites will give you a lowdown on the quality of games, professionalism or the lack of it presented by the customer service staff, deposit and withdrawal limitations, complaints and complements received, safety and security of transactions and fairness of the games offered.

How impartial are these online reviews?

Most players trust everything they read online and positive reviews increases the player’s trust quotient of the online casino. If you read reviews by a site which encourages forum posts, discussion panels and a rating system in which players participate freely, you can practically be assured that the ratings are unbiased. Sites like CasinoBonusTips .com  provide independent and impartial views of an online casino. The number of online casino review sites is growing and so is the number of reviews. This in itself can be overpowering. There’s a parallel in the travel industry where a site like TripAdvisor has a mind boggling 150 million reviews. Yet, it is one of the most trusted travel sites out there.

Evaluate the review

Then how do you know what to read and what to overlook? Choose the review site wisely and read the review of the online casino to see if it is balanced. Are you given an insight into the gaming experience, availability of instant and mobile games, processing time for withdrawals, availability of customer support, number of languages and currencies supported and so on? Does the reviewer mention any shortcomings of the online casino?

Distrust radical viewpoint

Players may love a casino or hate it compelling them to write “extreme” reviews. For example, words by an unhappy player who has not been able to cash out their winnings may be partial. Their personal experience may skew your objectivity. If a reviewer is taking an extreme point of view, you need to read some more opinions.

At the end of the day, a review is the writer’s opinion, and you may not even agree with what you read, but the growing popularity of reviews is a testimonial in itself. You have the information at your fingertips and you should use it as one of the many resources available to form a good decision.

Casino Bouns Tips is giving you all the information you need to choose the right online casino for you. visit our website for latest articles casino news, promotions, no deposit bonus codes, free spins and top casinos reviews at Casino Bonus Tips

Resurgence of Casinos in Singapore

casino singapore

Among the world, one of the world’s best successful countries is Singapore. However, due to the current strict regulations over practices like gambling, the growth of casinos in the state had diminished. To put the casinos of Singapore among the world’s most extravagant leisure and exotic experience, the government of Singapore has made some recent changes in the laws. Plans have been made to create the most luxurious and pricey casino in the world here. Because of such great plans, the popularity of Singapore as an attraction for tourists has increased. More tourists are getting attracted to this part of Southeast Asia, bringing more profits to the country.

Until the year 2004, gambling practices were forbidden because of the tight regulations enforced by the Singapore government. These regulations were meant to end the existence of casinos in Singapore. But, recently, it has been strongly realized that one of the priceless tourist attraction to Singapore was its casinos. This tourist immigration to Singapore’s casino was not only adding to the revenue of the country but also created wonderful jobs opportunities for the local people. Measuring these benefits, the rules and regulations have been relented, resulting into the evolution of country’s first casino. Several companies from the world participated actively in the bidding process for the casino. Following the trend, Las Vegas Sands Company was ultimately, preferred to fabricate and maneuver the first two deliberate super casinos in Singapore.

The future plan of these first two Singapore casino is overwhelming. These casinos will not only be the best place to gamble but, will also provide full amusement to the tourists. Its adventures include shopping facilities, leisure activities, caucus facilities, grand parks, museums and theaters. Building this huge infrastructure will cost more than $3 billion but it will create handsome job opportunities for over 30,000 persons. Over 50 acres of land has been reclaimed for development at the city’s harbor.

Singapore government is enthusiastic regarding the promotion plans for Singapore casinos. These casinos will serve as a magnet to attract more and more tourists to visit the country. Further to this, the fact is that beside Singapore, many Asian countries are also exploring possibilities of such gaming activities like casinos in order to meet the demands of their natives and to draw more visitors to their country.

People of different origins and different nations are fond of gambling especially the Chinese. The same level of affection can be seen in Singaporean of Chinese plunge, who make up over three quarters of the native populace.

Second casino of the country is taking shape in Sentosa, a tourist island in Singapore. This project is expected to attract as many as more than two million visitors every year; who will not only enjoy the casino but will also relish the beautiful beaches, golf and other leisure activities. Being a gigantic incorporated remedy aimed to attract tourists from all over the world, it is expected that this lavish Sentosa casino will become the pride and joy of Singapore. This approach is also targeted to further solidify the existing Singapore casino to capture Asian tourist market.

Enjoy Exciting Casino Games in the Online Casinos

Online casinos have gained immense popularity and have captured the attention of numerous casino players. By playing in the online casinos now the real casino enthusiasts can enjoy the casino games in a more affordable and convenient way. Moreover the gaming enthusiasts have the option to indulge in their favorite games. Online casinos offer better odds and high payouts to the casino lovers. You can find out numerous popular casino games on many of the well known and reliable the online casinos. Online casinos offer lucrative bonuses and promotions that entice the players to play online and that in turn provides them with many chances to win amazing prizes as possible. While playing online you can have fun and at the same time you can win great amount of cash.

Some of the popular casino games to be found in the online casino can be grouped into several categories namely the popular card games, table games and slots. Blackjack, Holdem, Omaha, Stud, etc are the popular card games whereas roulette, craps, baccarat are some of the well known table games. However while playing online you can find out numerous type of slot machine available in several kinds of styles and varieties. Some other popular casino games offered in the online casinos are bingo, scratchers, Keno, etc. It is advisable to play all the casino games responsibly. Players should ensure that the opted online casino provides them with the superior quality gaming software providing dazzling and spectacular graphics, great animation, imagery and sound effects. Moreover the games should be free of errors and should run fastly and smoothly.

If you are a novice player in the field of Internet gambling then in that case it is imperative to master several strategies of the game that will make you win effectively.  You can get help from several online forums. Thus by taking the help from several forums you can practice the several strategies available and can select your favorite. Hence you will be able to perfect the strategies. On the internet you can also find out numerous websites offering free casino games such as Roulette, poker, craps, blackjack and many others. Before playing online for money the beginners can practice free online casino games. Moreover you can improve your casino gaming ability, can learn different gambling methods, become familiar with the odds and learn the effective skills that are required to win.

Thus in order to have the fun and enjoyment while playing casino games online it is imperative to choose the best online casino. While browsing the internet you can find out some of the well known casino guides that can give you accurate and precise information regarding the reliable online casinos. Before choosing the online casino ensure whether the chosen casino is licensed and legal or not. Make sure that the chosen casino offers wide range of games, has stable casino software, and offers good bonuses and promotions, safe and secure deposit options along with exceptional customer support. Also go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.